When and how Should Your Teen Wear Make-up?

Raising a teenage girl is difficult enough, without the added peer pressure of friends whose parent’s allow them to wear make-up too early or without teaching them how to apply it properly. This article is intended to help those parents out there that are fumbling through this awkward stage in their developing daughter’s life. It is of course up to each parent and their teen as to what they find appropriate. Here are some make-up tips to help you decide when and how your teen should wear make-up.

What age does it start to be appropriate to wear make-up?

101 Make-up is considered a rite of passage into adolescence and adulthood for many people and cultures. It is for this reason that age thirteen is a starting point for basic cosmetic items such as lip gloss, or a single coat of mascara. The idea is to recognize that your little girl is beginning the transition into womanhood. By choosing a subtle natural color maybe with a little shimmer in it, you can support your daughter’s growing-up, while also keeping her from growing-up too fast. Subtle shades of light pinks, or beiges provide a natural fresh finished look, without looking over done, and are perfect for this age group.

102 Since in a lot of households the acceptable beginning dating age starts about fifteen or sixteen, this is an appropriate time to start teaching your daughter about how to apply other cosmetics such as foundation, rouge, eye-shadow, and eye liner; combining the onset of dating with the ability to wear make-up is another way to celebrate the different stages in your daughter’s maturity process. Again, keep to natural colors, and show your daughter how to apply light coats that enhance her natural beauty instead of caking it on taking away from her own beauty.

What to look for in Make-up for your Teen

103 Teenage skin is very delicate and comes with a host of its own issues such as rapid hormonal changes, acne, and less than healthy dietary choices. That is why it is so important that you choose the correct make-ups for your developing daughter’s skin needs. Look for cosmetics that have SPF and non-greasy moisturizers in them. Possibly consider a tinted moisturizer to avoid having so many products on your daughter’s delicate skin. This is also the perfect time to teach your daughter about the different complexion shades, and color pallets available to compliment the many different complexions. Look for make-up sets that provide the full pallet for your daughter’s complexion and skin tones. This can be a fun and informative bonding experience for both of you.

104Make-up is intended to be a fun product that enhances our outer beauty making us shine and feel confident. Teaching your teenage daughter about the different products, skin types, and the proper way to apply make-up should be a fun bonding time for both parent and daughter that not only helps boost your daughter’s confidence, but also puts them on the path to a lifetime of good skin care.