Try this five minutes makeup and get more attractive look

Every women wish to look more attractive and young. As the technologies are developing peoples were getting more developed. In ancient days the women look more natural but nowadays there are lots of makeup kits were introduced. To groom the women every day or for every five minutes there makeup kits were used. Here one customer shares her experience that the water should be consumed more for one day. So that it removes the unwanted wastes from the body. She says that the water plays an important role to make the face more beautiful. Then it is necessary to take bath every day so that it keeps the face fresher and brighter. While taking bath the coconut oil is added to the bathing water so that it moisturizes and scrubs the face.


Some people feel that the makeup takes more time and the time consumed is more But the 5 minutes makeup does not take much time where it is an easy process when compared to other types of makeup. This five minutes makeup will look more natural and it is very less in weight. The five minute makes does not make the face to sweat and spoils the makeup. This five minutes filter makeup will offer more glowing for the skin so that it may attract other people too. This type of makeup was mostly welcomed by the film industry because it makes the people to look more attractive and gives an elegant look.


Steps to be followed during the no filter five minutes makeup

Before starting these five minutes no filter makeup the person needs to wash their face cleanly so that the unwanted dirt in the face is removed. Then allow the face to relax for sometimes so that the face will be dried. After that it is recommended to apply the foundations prescribed by the beautician. Before applying this foundation ensure that whether it will suit for their skin type else it will leads to various allergic problems. While applying the foundation ensures that it is spread all over the face. So that it does not make the face to look uneven.


If a person does not wish to appear brighter so they can go for light makeup. For applying the foundation uses a quality brush, so that it makes the face to look even. After that to make the eyes more beautiful apply mascara on the eyelashes so that it keeps the hair of the eye curl. Then the hair style is done according to the look of the person so that it gives a dazzling appearance. Not only the hairstyle makes the person look good but also the costume plays an important role where it shows the women a gorgeous look. After completing all the steps the final touch ups should be done where the areas left during applying the foundation process will be corrected. This final touch ups step is mandatory because it corrects all the mistakes done during the makeup process.