Trench Coats of This Season

image1_compressedThe ever changing fashion industry has done it again. The new spring line has come out and you need to know what’s hot now. Make some room and get ready to add in a gorgeous updated version of your last trench coat. The trench coat is a very functional piece, so don’t skimp on style because you’ll probably have quite a few occasions to dawn this piece of fashion this year. There are other aspects of fashion that are important as well but today we are only talking about these fabulous trench coats you’ll be dying to add to your closet soon.

image2_compressedThe first piece I’ll be sharing with you is the classic trench coat. The classic trench coat is traditional but also very versatile and you may not know how often it can come in handy when it comes to functionality. With fashion designers working away trench coat aren’t only functional, they are beautiful and can really make you feel great about yourself. This year designers have gone above and beyond and you are going to be noticing a lot of bright colors. Furthermore you will also being seeing them in some jaw dropping metallic colors too. You will still see more subtle versions of the trench though so if you just want something refined yet still beautiful then try something like we have our model in here.

image3_compressedThis trench coat is chic and pretty. It is a beautiful crisp white and the black patent leather it’s trimmed in is to die for. It really makes our model look sleek and sophisticated. This coat is simple but so nice, it’s double breasted and we have it self-belted which looks amazing. Underneath we have also added a fun yellow scarf which is a must have spring coloimage4_compressedr. It really makes the neckline of the jacket sing. I have also put our model in some stylish black walk shorts that not everyone can pull off mind you but they look sizzling on her today. If you’re not able to do the walk shorts then just wear a nice pair of black capris that will ensure the same effect we were going for with the walk shorts. And have a look at these hot wedge platforms she’s wearing. They are also black patent leather and they tie this look together flawlessly.

Now if you’re a more adventurous person when it comes to fashion then we have something for you too! This jacket is nothing less than amazing. It’s a metallic copper, over-piece and really looks so dazzling. The beauty of it is that it can be worn spring and fall and you will look fabulous not matter what. Yes it’s metallic so that draws the eye but once you’re looking you notice the beautiful details. This trench coat is full of gold hardware everywhere you look. There is gold on the pockets, gold hardware snaps, the bottom has gold and even the waist belt has gold. It is absolutely gorgeous and if you have a piece like this then you’ll have a hard time not finding an excuse to wear it.