Tips for Buying Diamond Jewelry

2016-11-11_0156If you’re wondering how to buy diamond jewelry then you’ve come to the right place. There are a few different aspects you’ll need to consider and we will go over those in the following article. Diamonds come in different forms of jewelry and the most popular form of jewelry they come in are diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry someone can own. They can be worn with a pair of jeans or a fancy dress and look beautiful with either one. When buying a good pair of diamond earrings the first thing you image1_compressedshould take notice of is the flash. The flash is something that happens when light hits a diamond. The way the diamond is cut effects the flash. The flash is when the light enters a diamond, refracts around then returns to your eye. The right flash is important because it is how you see the diamond. The next thing you need to look out for when buying diamonds is that you get the right size and the right color diamond. The most popular color of diamond is closest to white with no yellow flecks or discoloration in it but it really depends on preference as there are other color diamonds as well. When it comes to size, the way that is measured with diamonds is by karats. When referring to the karat weight of diamond image3_compressedearrings I’ll be taking about both of them together, the total karat weight. Two separate half karat earrings are equal to one full karat pair of earrings. Surprisingly one of the least important things that doesn’t require being focused on is the clarity.  The absence or presence of any small natural marks or flaws is called the internal clarity of the diamond. When it comes to diamond earrings this is nothing to fuss about. It really isn’t important. Focus on finding the right pair that fit you and the occasion. Make sure it’s in your price range and housed in the metal you wish it to be as well.

image4_compressedLet’s talk about diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces. A bracelet is basically just a shorter version of a necklace but there are differences. You can usually view the entire bracelet around your wrist where as you may not see the back of a necklace. The most well-known bracelet is called a tennis bracelet or the straight lined bracelet. The name originates from a time years ago when a famous tennis player lost her bracelet while lunging for a shot at Wimbledon. The scene was caught on camera for all to see and it caught on from there. These diamond tennis bracelets are usually a row of diamonds from one end to the other placed side by side for the entire length. When choosing a bracelet you want all your diamonds to be the same size. You’ll need to check on the color, cut, clarity and weight as well. You want that spectacular shimmering row of reflected light you’ll get from a bracelet that has properly cut diamonds and the same goes for necklaces. Make sure you’ve got a quality bracelet that can withstand being bumped or twisted as can happen when it’s on your wrist. Always make sure your clasp is high quality as well because it could mean the difference between having a diamond bracelet for years or even only minutes. Necklaces you’ll want the same great quality to ensure your investment in this beautiful jewelry lasts a lifetime.