Tips for anti aging and know how to look younger

Aging is the primary concern for many people and they take lot of efforts to look younger. There are different ideas, tips and ways to look younger but we don’t know which suits and works well. The matter of looking young is based on the basic and fundamental mechanism and science of the human body. People try different type of cosmetics to look younger, doing work outs and taking pills without proper knowledge about any of these solutions. Aging is quite common but for some people it happens very soon in their life and they really want to look young. Quick aging is due to many factors like over exposed to sun, over work schedule without proper food, lack of needed hormones in the body and various kinds of depression or worry.


These factors influence our body and causes hair fall, grey hairs and shrinks in the skin. For many people appearing old and quick aging itself being a main reason to look older. Rather than worrying about aging it is better to start necessary steps to look younger. Using different types of cosmetics is not a problem but know how to use it and where to apply it. The sensitiveness in our skin varies in different parts of our body.  The sensitivity in skin in the neck differs from skin in the hand. So we should take necessary care for each part so that we can look younger possibly.


Neck is the main part that is to be considered first as it is most sensitive area of our body. As per the mechanism of our body the neck is most vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. Since it gets exposed to sun and get affected, it will get shrinks all around the neck. It is the thinnest skin in our body so if you don’t have clear skin on the neck you will immediately look older than your age. Hence apply sun screening cream regularly to keep your skin moisturized and the effect of UV rays will be less.


Next area to emphasize is our hands, it shows aging very soon as we don’t cover it usually. Not all the people wear full hand shirt or any outfits that cover the hand. You can see there will be difference in skin complexion in hands and other covered parts of the body. Therefore you have to apply sun screen and collagen in the fore arm and in the back arm. Fore arm needs proper care to avoid looking older because it is most visible all the time.

Apart from the neck and the hand we have to take care of our face regularly which shows aging to others the people directly face to face about our age. Wash your face regularly in the normal water or cold water. Keep your face moisturized to avoid dry skin and probably the dry skin is the skin that is prone to quick again. Add smile to your face despite your situation and it is pretty sure this will make all the difference in aging.