This Seasons Animal Print

image1_compressedIt’s time to be honest with yourself and just admit that you’re dying for some new season animal prints to wear. Well I’m here to give you a taste of what’s in for animal prints this spring. Animal print is sultry and versatile and we just can’t get enough. Since it broke into the fashion scene many years ago people have be donning it on the regular. In the 1940’s Betty Page wore leopard print and she was a liberator for women to wear it and be sexy in her time. Then we have another person I’d like to mention. Mitzah who lived in the 1950’s and was the muse of Christian Dior, wore his interesting animal print designs in different ways. This really brought the look of animal print to a new level and people adored it for being so very chic and elegant. It’s hard to believe but there may have be a moment in time when the fashion industry may not have thought animal print would end up to be such a staple in fashion. It’s very clear that animal print is here to stay and has been going strong for countless years so far without so much as a hiccough. It also comes in so many different patterns you’re sure to find something that has the right print for you.

Timage2_compressedoday we have our lovely model Pam in some sizzling animal print. This pattern is most definitely a classic when it comes to prints and it is breath taking. The jacket Pam is wearing so nicely is an embossed python leather piece and it is so in style and flaming hot. Pam has a beautiful hourglass shape and a dramatic personality so she really was meant for this jacket. With this jacket I added a chic gold scarf for a surprise look and we have pam in some awesome white jeans. If you’re in need of a transition piece then leather is where it’s at. You can’t go wrong with this jacket but one like this will cost a pretty penny. If you need something a little more “diva on a budget” so to speak, then try adding this print into your collection on a handbag or even a hot pair of pumps.

image3_compressedComing back to the handbag statement earlier, with handbags, you can wear them any time of the year. There are no restrictions other than a dress code in some circumstances so you really get your money’s worth out of them. This handbag we have here is fabulous and functional as well. This bag will work with so many different combinations of clothing. You can add it to a look with neutrals like browns blacks or navies. It really doesn’t matter what you wear it with because this purse is going to be drawing all the attention anyway. It is trimmed in some lovely animal print, it has animal print handles, and even the zippers have animal print. This handbag and animal print tie in together so well.

I also just want to show you this gorgeous V-neck, inlayed, classic sweater. It is one piece and gives the illusion of a two piece and it’s made of charmeuse silk. It has some pearl detailed buttons and then we have this sassy animal print halter that can be put under any black suit and transformed into an evening look once you take your jacket off after a day at the office.