Tame the Frizz with your Blow Dryer and a Few Trade Secrets

Ever wonder why you can’t get the sleek and stylish look when you do your hair that it seems others can? It could be because you are using your hair dryer incorrectly. With these simple and effective stylist tips you will be looking your best in no time.

Although some other problem hair solutions entail working on hair when it is dry or almost dry, the fix for frizzy hair is to work on it while it is still wet. Not necessarily soaking, but wet enough to absorb the protectant products and smooth the hair’s cortex. It is this rough cortex that creates a frizzy look and makes hair more easily broken and damaged. When towel drying hair to remove excess water, use the twist and squeeze method versus the scrub all over technique. By doing so you will allow hair cortex to rest back into place naturally as well as avoid adding unwanted tangles that can cause breakage.


81 It is important to know whether you have fine, coarse, dry, or curly hair. This will determine what product you should be using on your hair. Certain products will be too heavy for fine or curly hair while other could be too light for coarse hair. You want to put a light coating of product on your hair anytime you will be using hair-dryers, curling irons, or flat irons to avoid burning and damaging your hair causing it to be even frizzier. The best products for this purpose are products that contain moisturizing ingredients as well as thermal protection; it should say on the label if it contains thermal protectant.


82 After you have brushed out your hair and applied the thermal heat barrier, you want to section your hair into small portions remembering that you will be drying your hair from the bottom layers up. Using a round brush slowly brush hair from root to tip from the underside of each section while running the hair dryer down the hair shafts on top of the hair that is being brushed; gradually rolling the brush in a downward sweeping motion. Continue this process until the hair is dry and then hold the brush with the end of your hair still curled around it on your finally sweep until the now dry and hot hair has cooled. This will keep your hair from rebounding. When you’re done, move onto the next small section of hair. Continue doing this until the entire head of hair is dry.


83After your hair is completely dried, you can now apply a small amount of hair spray or other hair finishing product for a longer lasting hold especially in more humid climates. This will also add an extra touch of shine to hair keeping it from looking dull and lackluster.

Having a bad hair day can affect your mood which in turn affects your whole day. Instead of letting your hair decide what it’s going to do, take charge by following these simple insider technique tips and have the sleek polished look that you crave.