Taking Care of your Diamond Jewelry

image1_compressedToday I’d like to talk about caring for your jewelry so it lasts long and stays in pristine condition. Treating your diamond jewelry is very important. When caring for your diamond jewelry always keep in mind that it is exactly that, diamond jewelry and it requires love and attention. Whenever you need to do any physical activity like going to the gym or tending to your garden remember to take it off to prevent any damage or loss. Wearing it during these types of activities is irresponsible and if it’s not cared for correctly then it’s bound to end up costing you more in the long run. When you make an image2_compressedinvestment in diamonds you want them to look nice. Keeping them clean is the best way to do that and you’ll stop the regular build-up of any dirt from taking away your jewelry’s shine. Some people still neglect caring for their jewelry despite warnings of these issues so instead of dedicating some time and attention they end up paying extra for deep cleanings or repair. Diamonds are a very valuable stone and the metal they are held in place with is usually just tiny prongs. These prongs aren’t strong enough to be roughed more harshly then in normal image3_compresseduse. Your jewelry should be cared about and if you’re going to invest money into it you should at least keep it shining and brilliant. If your diamonds aren’t kept clean, then you’ll lose that shine; which is technically called the flash. Some even call it the bling. The shine, flash or bling happen when the light enters the diamond and refracts around, then bounces back to your eye and gives off that beautiful gleam. When caring for a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond ring, you’ll need to watch out for the build-up of dirt underneath the diamond by the finger. When this happens it blocks the light from refracting around as it usually would and causes the diamond to lose its brilliance. The build-up that happens is usually from everyday things like cleaning liquid, soaps or lotions.

image4_compressedTo stop the dirt from getting stuck on your lovely diamonds you can give them a regular scrub at home. It’s not necessary to go into the jeweler every time if you pick up a few things and learn the process. You’ll need scrubbing ammonia to soak your jewelry in for a while then you’ll just need an old clean toothbrush. Remove your diamonds and put the plug in your sink. Turn the warm water on gently and scrub everywhere with the toothbrush and run it under the water to rinse it off. Be very careful and make sure you get the back of rings where their build up is most common. Take your time and if you don’t see it gleaming like brand new then give it another soak and scrub. Just be sure the metal housing it’s in is ok to be soaked in ammonia first off though or you could damage the metal. Rinse all of the ammonia off so your skin doesn’t have a chance of irritation. Pat it with paper towel and lay it over another piece to dry. You’ll have gorgeous jewelry once again and the work will be worth it.