Swimsuit Choice for the Athletic Body

image1Today is your lucky day if you’re in need of swimsuit advice. I’m here to offer you some lovely fit and style tips for the athletic body shape. Many women with the athletic body shape want something to give them a curvier hourglass figure. There are different ways to do this so don’t worry. Some of them are molded soft cups, underwire, high-waisted bottoms and three dimensional features. All of these will really do the trick when you need some help to give the illusion of curves. I have a few examples here and the first style is one of my favorites. It’s a molded soft cup by REEF. The soft push up and the crochet overlay will help add dimension and value to your bust line. This example is red and vibrant so you will have great confidence when you’re wearing it. It’s the spirit molded soft cup bra and tunnel side bottom. Then, if you want to create the illusion of a more hourglass figure we have our next example here. This swimsuit is an underwire top and a high waist bottom. This classy black swimsuit is by GUESS aimage2nd it is so elegant and beautiful. The underwire will add instant cleavage and the high-waisted bottoms will break up a long torso and add waist and hips wherever you may be lacking. It’s the On the Prowl underwire bikini and the high-waist bikini brief. So I have another pretty swimsuit here. It’s a nice creamy pastel yellow and it is so fun and fabulous. This suit is has a flowy cut overlay which is a great example of three dimensional features. This beauty is LUXE BY LISA VOGEL and it’s a Pandora Flutter Top and tab side bikini bottom. The flowy laser cut on this suit is one of the hottest trends this season. These fit and style tips will help you find the perfect fitting swimwear for your athletic body shape.

Not everyone has the athletic body shape and instead of creating the illusion of curves they are trying to tone them down a little. Some people have what is labeled as an apple shaped body and there are swimsuits for them too. When you’re shopping for swimwear, look for options that offer side simage3heering, tummy control lining, and a blousy silhouette. I have one swimsuit here by ATHENA which is a bandini that offers a blousy silhouette to stylishly camouflage your midsection. This is a must have this season. Pair it with a simple sheered waist bottom for a flattering look. Then we have an ATHENA one piece which is sure to give you a middle makeover. It has side sheering and tummy control lining that work together to slim and control your mid-section. We also have a customer favorite by LUXE BY LISA VOGEL which will show off a little skin while still giving you a blousy silhouette that will camouflage in a stylish way. Paired with a seamless constructed tab side bottom and you will look and feel great. For more videos on other body types, be sure to watch the rest in this series.