Simple ideas to create an elegant updo

Women have to concentrate on various things to make them beautiful. Apart from costumes, accessories, makeup and footwear they have to be conscious on their hair style. It should be perfect for the occasion that they are going to attend. Most of the women do not consider this as a serious factor and they will simply wear a stylish costume and matched accessories. But it will not give them the look until they create their hair style accordingly.


Updo create a different look

Generally in the time of wedding, many women use to create updo hairstyles since it will enhance their look than regular hairstyles. Unlike the regular hairstyles, this will give an elegant appearance to the women hence many of them use to prefer this style rather than others. But the fact, many women do not know how to create an updo easily. They think it is very complicated but it is so simple to create. If you do not know how to do that, then the following steps will help you.


Steps to create an updo

When it comes to updo, the French twist is the most beautiful and preferred style. Here you can get to know the steps which are followed in creating that hairstyle.

  • First of all, you have to wash your hair thoroughly so that it will be easy to do any hairstyles. Moreover it will eliminate the hair products. Therefore it is very important to do that.
  • If you feel that your hair is flat, then you should use curling iron to create some texture.
  • You should separate the hair into different sections and bring it to the front side.
  • You have to tease the sections with the help of small comb. You should combine all those three sections backward. It should be from halfway and to the root of the hair.
  • Once it is done, gather all the remaining hair and make it like a small ponytail. Twist the hair tightly and hold the ponytail’s end.
  • Bring the ponytail to the top of your head and create a bun. Make sure it is in the center of your head and use booby pins and fix it.
  • Twist the incorporate sections of teased hair with fingers and smooth them.
  • You can use more bobby pins and set the bumpy areas.
  • Finally you can spray color if you want and it will add more elegance in your hairstyle.


These are the simple steps which you have to follow when you want to create an updo. But still some women may not able to understand this practically. They can go online and find some sites which have video tutorials to teach these things. That will be very effective when compared with going through some step by step procedure. Moreover the women can try the methods while watching the videos so that they can easily learn how to create such hairstyle. Hence they can bring up different looks in their hairstyle.