Save Money by Waxing your Brows at Home

Getting regularly waxed will add up financially before you know it. When looking to cut back on expenses; doing your own waxing at home is one place where you can save a lot of money in a short time. Here’s some basic how to tips for waxing your own brows.



There are a few basic supplies that you will need to purchase. These supplies can be found at any drug store, grocery store, or beauty supply store in your area.

  • Rubbing Alcohol (For easy clean up and sterilization)
  • Baby Powder
  • Toner or Astringent
  • Cotton Balls
  • Home Waxing Kit
  • Waxing strips


72 To prepare for waxing you will want to heat wax to the proper consistency where it is not too thick or thin using your particular kits instructions; if it is too thick it will not spread properly and will pull skin while and if it is too thin you risk the wax being too hot and a potential burn. While wax is heating prepare brow surface clean all surface oils and dirt from area to be waxed with astringent or toner, then apply a thin layer of baby powder to this area. The baby powder helps wax stick to hair without sticking to the skin. You may also want to wear a pair of latex or equivalent gloves while doing the waxing procedure to avoid sticky difficult to work with fingers and hands.


Now that you have everything prepared it is time to apply the wax. First test the wax to make sure it is not too hot. Then using a small application stick spread a thin layer of melted wax over the area of brow that you want to wax moving in the direction of the hair. Follow this by pressing firmly into place a small waxing strip to cover the applied wax. Holding the skin taught, grip strip from outer edge and in on swift downward motion quickly pull. Pat the waxy strip back into place and repeat the hold and pull motion to remove any remaining unwanted hair.


74To remove any excess wax, using a cotton ball gently wipe the area with baby oil, followed by aloe vera to decrease any redness and swelling. Any stubborn or baby hairs that may be too short for the wax to grip correctly can then be plucked with tweezers.

Learning to do some of your own spa treatments at home is an easy way to save money while maintaining your appearance on a regular basis, without appointments, large cash outlay, and commuting. Waxing is one of those easy treatments that once you learn the proper technique, you can do over and over again saving you tons of money. Now that you know the basics of brow waxing you have the knowledge to complete all of your own waxing needs whether it’s your brow line, bikini line, legs, or lip; at home whenever you feel like you might need a touch-up.