Prints, Plaids, and Florals

image1_compressedFashion never stands still, it’s constantly evolving and although it sometimes brings back old styles there are always different variations of it. This is great because just as there is a vast amount of fashion, there is a vast amount of personalities and styles. We have all heard the term “spring cleaning” when people clean out the old things they no longer want, need, or use. Well today we are going to be using that room you’ve cleared in your closet to add in some new spring fashion. Spring fashion always has a light and colorful feel to it. It is fun and oh so easy to get carried away with so let’s start this conversation up.

I have a lovely model Pam here and she is wearing a great spring outfit. This is a perfect example of what’s popular in fashion right now. She has on this sporty, preppy jacket that is so fun. This jacket has this awesome plaid print of the season. It’s got a patchwork design that really pops. The colors are all must have in this number. It has the cutest ties over the pockets and we have a pretty top under that image2_compressedwith the same colors. It’s fun and we are working the print mixing which just gives this look the right flavor. So I’ll move onto the perfect navy pants she’s wearing and how they allow the jacket to remain the focus. Don’t add any more prints here or it may be just a bit too confusing to the eye. Keep it simple and add a neutral pair of earrings and the look is finished.

This season we also have some gorgeous floral prints. These prints are a bit different this year because they are actually more abstract. This may draw in a bigger crowd to try out their fear because they don’t seem overly image3_compressedflowery and obnoxious. Although the florals this year are quite big and bold you might not notice what they are without a careful look. I’m really into these florals this year. I love how different they are and I was surprised how good they look this way. So with that I’ll show you what we are going to talk about next; this amazing kimono style jacket. It is so gorgeous and it’s also satin. The bold colors and abstract floral pattern really tie in together and will have people noticing you. Don’t be afraid because these patterns might just change your opinion on wearing floral and that’s ok.

The next jacket we have here has a spectacular color combination that really shouts spring and fun. The light blue is so crisp. It really makes the chocolate brown stand out and looks so rich and inviting. This jacket has a very fine print of a chrysanthemum pattern on it and it is understated for those who are a little weary of loud and bold florals like on the last jacket. Any of these pieces would fit snugly in your closet and have you looking fabulous this spring so give them a try and you’ll feel great this season.