Post your profile with pleasing pose

It is natural that we love to exhibit ourselves with good personality and a pleasing look when we meet people. We pay more attention on our clothing and appearance when we just move out and this has become more factual in virtual world too. Yes! With the launch of many social websites we post our profile to our friends and many others who visualize us through the posted photo. As you know first impression speaks a lot, today you need to communicate with many guys through your profile photograph. Some use their school photos or other old photographs to post their profile. But my advice is, throw them away and probe a new lively photograph to provide a pleasing gesture. Don’t run in search of a cameraman to focus you with new photo and background. This becomes funnier! Rather shoot you with a lively appearance with the help of a trendy camera and pose you with better look. Now I provide you with some basic tips to project you with a friendly and neat appearance. Follow these steps to post your profile and invite more likes rather.img128

  • img130Concentrate on the background – Your concentration on the background is more essential as bright background pictures may project you dull. Select the background with good light which means a good transition with light shadow will be better. Don’t opt yourself to stand in front of sceneries. In simple select for a location where you don’t get focused on strong lights and see that you are standing in a soft light.
  • Stand far from background – After locating for a soft light area, stand in a place far from the background and preferably solid patterned walls will be better. Just focus your attention on the spot to show you brighter than the background. It’s simple!
  • img131 Give a pleasing pose – The posture that you define on your profile photo speaks a lot about you. Hence provide a pleasing pose with a slight angle and a charming look on your face. Try different postures with cross arms, arms on hips or straight down. After doing different postures you can select the most attractive one for your profile. Some lucrative poses will always attract people and it is based on the way that you pose in front of camera. It is essential that you give a smile with teeth and avoid a passport photo appearance. Rather your pose should be natural and prefer dark colored suits with squint in your look. Avoid hats, sun glasses, peculiar hair style, eye shadows, dark makeup, irritating smile and a tough eye. And the most important fact is that avoid sexiness in your pose which will make a wrong opinion on your profile and will make the audience to shrink their face. You cannot expect respect rather.
  • img132 Get ready to post - Once you have selected your photo with the best pose that you aim, you can crop the photo to your needed size for posting it. With Facebook you need a 2×3 ratio and with Twitter a square image is preferable. See that you allow plenty of space surrounding your pose as Twitter will square the image to fit their requirements.