Making Your Maternity Clothing Last Throughout Your Pregnancy

image1Today I’m going to show you how to build the perfect maternity wardrobe. We will start by showing you the amazing Bella band which is every girl’s best friend at the beginning stages of pregnancy. After that we will move onto talking about sizing which is a bit of a fear for most ladies when they don’t know their size anymore. That’s okay because we are going to go through all the sizing and we can show you exactly how things look as you grow throughout the whole nine months. Then we are going to focus on the basic pieces for the maternity wardrobe. Everybody needs a couple of pieces and image2those can work for you day and night. I’m going to show you how to transition your clothing from season to season without having to buy anything new. Most ladies are pregnant during more than one season so this is actually very important. Then we can go over how to transition day clothing into evening clothing, and how to wear your work clothing on the weekend and look gorgeous. Next we will focus on accessorizing. There is nothing like accessorizing a dress to give it a completely different look from one event to the next. Finally we are going to show you how to use your maternity clothes post-partum. After you’ve had the baby you may still need a few items and they might actually serve you really well afterwards.  image3

Now let’s talk about the bella band. It’s a girl’s best friend in the beginning of their pregnancy. It’s very unassuming but it’s going to help you wear your clothing a little bit longer during those first few months when you’re not quite showing yet and even afterwards too. It’s a piece of very stretchy fabric. You put it on image4over your pants and it allows you to wear your pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Make sure the thick part is at the bottom and the thin is at the top. It really just looks like you are wearing a tank top under your shirt but it’s actually keeping your pants up. You can wear it folded down as well especially in the early pregnancy stages. What’s really nice about the bella band is that you can wear it for the beginning of your pregnancy but also post-partum. For sizing they run in 6 sizes. Size 0-2 is XS, size 2-4 is small, size 6-8 is Medium, size 8-10 is Large, size 10-12 is X-large, and size 12-16 is 2X-large so they have a large sizing availability.  The size really depends on your shape too. If you’re curvy, go a size bigger; if you’re flatter in the hip area I would suggest going down to a lower size. The bella band comes in every color and some even have lace. They are so perfect for the beginning when your pants don’t want to close anymore. You won’t regret adding a few of them to your maternity wardrobe. If you’re looking for more helpful information on making your maternity clothing last just continue watching the rest of the videos in this series.