Make Your Own Cuffed Denim Shorts

image1If you have that pair of jeans you’re thinking about throwing away. Don’t do it! Save them for this DIY project.  I have a lovely fashion reporter here, Allison McNamara, who is going to teach us how to make your old jeans into some fabulous shorts. We all have those old jeans at home so please don’t throw them away because we are going to transform them right in time to wear them for the summer season. What we will need is one pair of old jeans. Preferably a pair that is looser in the thigh area. We will also need a tape measure for fabric. Then we will need some sharp and sturdy scissors; fabric scissors are best and some chalk. So it is pretty simple and easy.image2

Step one, get out your old jeans and lay them on a table. We have some of ours here that are going to make some great shorts when we are done. Lay them face up and the first thing we want to do is to find out the measurement for how long we want them to be. My biggest note is that you always want to be on the longer side vs. the shorter side. You know once you go short, you can’t go back and we are actually going to cuff our jeans so keep that in mind. Measure about fifteen inches from the top of your jeans; that’s about mid length for women. image3For men, about 20 inches but remember for men and women, you want to try them on and figure it out. So take out your fabric measuring tape and lay the end at the top of your jeans then unroll the tape down to the correct measurement for you, remember to start longer. Next, grab your chalk because now you get to mark your jeans. Try to get your markings right at the seam because we are going to fold the jeans in half in a few minutes. So he’s done his. I’m image4going to mark mine at 15and a half and make myself feel like I’m living on the wild side here. You don’t need to mark it on both sides because you will only see one side once they are folded in half which we will do now that we have our markings down. Pick up your pants and fold in half making sure to pull out the crotch so you have a nice even fold and lay them down again with your markings facing up. Now continue making the chalk line straight across. This line doesn’t even have to be perfectly straight by the way because we are going to cuff them eventually. Now take you’re scissors and cut across, one leg at a time making sure to not catch the other leg. Once that’s done cut the other leg. You’re ready to cuff them; fold up about one inch, tucking the edge to the inside of the cuff so any imperfections will be hidden.  To keep the cuff in place iron and your new cuffed jean shorts will be ready to be worn.