Make your new T-Shirt soft and to look like vintage tee

Wearing a fashion outfits is always a desire for the youths and teens as they are always fashion fanatics. Though there are various fashion elements like watches, glasses, bands, jewels and ornaments, the best way to express the fashion is outfits. Youths and teens say that adapting to different types of fashion is their hobby and it adds some interest and excitement to their life. They find it fun to switch to different attires and they want to express themselves through the attire they wear. The attire speaks their interest their adaptability and their creativity in fashion.  T shirts are the style elements in all types of attires and the combination of jeans and the T shirt is the most favorite for all the youths and even for the adults.


The T shirts are the outfits with great design and comfort with style and look. People find it easy to wear t shirts and it keeps the body cool and also warm. The type of cloth used in the T shirt is important for the season. In the days of winter people use the T shirt that warms them and in the sunny days they use T shirts of cloth that keeps cooling. The T shirts have wide range of history and are the one of the most used outfit by the youths in different parts of the country. Both the boys and girls love to wear T shirts and they can get it in different sizes. Though there are new trends every day and every year once after getting used to it, people again return to the old styles and designs. Hence the designers and the T shirt manufacturers revamp the old style T shirts and bring it to the market.


There are some tips to turn your new T shirt to look like vintage T shirt easily. Youths and teens they try different styles their existing dress through different stitches, alterations, and dyeing. They sometimes cut the sleeves of the shirt or the T shirt and then use it to express new style through their altered T shirt. They don’t want to stick with the same design, style and color so they change the look of the T shirts frequently. The one of the classic style that stands forever and still youths and teens of all generations like to wear is the worn out T shirts with holes in it like they are torn and with improper stitches.


Boys like to wear it with jeans and make a bold and stylish appeal as mostly it appears to be rugged. If you want to change any T shirt to look like vintage style just soak it in a bucket of water with salt for three days. Then wash it as usual using detergent after drying it you will feel the softness of the cloth than it was. Cut the sleeves and stretch the collar or around the collar to open the stitches here and there. Then fold the t shirt and cut here and there to form holes to look like it is torn. Cheers!!! You have got a soft, worn out and classic style t shirt that looks manly and comfortable.