Know how to pick a swim suit for a pear shaped body

Generally people use to pay more attention in choosing the right cloth for them. They will prefer the best color and best fit according to their body color and shape respectively. But many of the individuals do not have this concern and they use to prefer some random color and size. It will not match their body color and also shape. Hence it will look awkward when they are going to some important occasions or places. Choosing a costume according to the body shape is very significant and people must understand that and be very conscious about that. Most particularly when it comes to swim suit, they must be very careful in selecting the right suit by considering their body shape. The following passage will be an effective guide to choose swim suit for a pear shaped body.


Tips to pick a perfect swim suit

Actually many people are not aware of the body shape that they have. There are different types of body shapes and they are pear shape, apple shape, hourglass shape and straight. Here you can get to know about the pear shape. Women who have wider hips than their waist and bust will come under the pear shape category. They have to prefer the right clothes which are especially designed for the pear shape body.  They can go online and analyze the costumes which can suit their shape. When they are about to choose swim suit, they have to consider the following aspects significantly.


  • It is always better to prefer the tops which have many designs above the waist. The main reason for this is to make the look of bust bigger and hide the weight of the bottom half. The details in the swim suit will change the attention of the other people upward.
  • Those who are having pear shape body should avoid the skimpy tops. Since those suits will emphasize the bottom half, it will look fuller than actually size of the bottom half. Hence it should be avoided.
  • When pear shaped women tries the suits which have horizontal strips across their waist or bust it will make their chest to look fuller hence it will balance the legs and hips.
  • The swimsuits which have v-necks or scalloped necklines will give an illusion of cleavage and also it will make the bust’s look small. Therefore it will draw people’s attention away from the hips.
  • It will be better if they purchase black color suits along with boy shorts. Generally the black color will have slimming effect therefore it will put a mask on the thickness of upper leg and give a different look to them.
  • Women can prefer lengthy torso along with a tankini. The extra fabric will make the upper portion longer and give a stronger look. Hence no one will notice their bottom half.


These are some of the basic things that the pear shaped women have to consider when they are about to purchase a swim suit.