How to Mix and Match

image1_compressedWhen it comes to working on your clothing collection the first thing you need to do is to buy the basics. These items will set the ground for everything else you buy. If you’re lucky then you already have the basics and you just need some focal point pieces from there. If you’re someone who is considered average, then studies say you might own an average of five black pairs of pants and numerous skirts you can mix up with various jackets or blazers. If this isn’t your situation then you’ll need to start from the bottom. Many women struggle with weight and are left with no choice but to replace their wardrobe with items that fit. So for whatever reason you need to rebuild your daily wardrobe, I have a great method of doing that. In the 80’s Donna Karen came out with a method of building a wardrobe with seven easy pieces. These items of clothing were all actually very simple and they could be interchanged amongst each other to make a large range of different outfits to wear. So don’t mind me but I’m just going to go with that philosophy because I think she really was going places with this. Building a wardrobe like this is great and if you travel for work then you’re all set to keep space high in your luggage. You won’t need much to look stylish and you know what they say “Less is more”.

image2_compressedSo I have Laura here modelling this great suit. She has the pants on but it also came with a skirt to interchange. You can wear the skirt with a separate shirt and wear it like that as well. image3_compressedAdd a nice jacket over it and your work ready. She could wear the skirt with a sweet camisole and put the jacket over that if she wanted to also. These options are so vast and I’ll elaborate some more. If she wanted to wear the skirt with and edgy type top this would be great for an evening look. Here I have an asymmetrical Donna Karen top that she could wear with the pants or the skirt. This would look sultry with a choker or even change the look with some pearls. She could put on some nice sandals and be ready for a nice day out.

The next thing I’ll discuss is that a lady always needs to have one or two great blouses at least. What I suggest is a black one and a white one which will cover all of your bases and give you the right amount of options for mixing and matching. Some people aren’t comfortable in a sheer blouse and that’s fine; just tweak these ideas to your personal taste. I also have a gorgeous all-purpose cardigan sweater made of cashmere so it’s so soft and you can wear this all year long. This one is Michael Kors but you can get cheaper versions if you look around. Lastly, you really need a good wrap dress this season so don’t forget to add that to the mix as well. Hopefully this has been helpful, good luck on your fashion journey.