How to and Why Use Toner on Ethnic Hair

Ethnic hair can be especially difficult to maintain. The same coloring and conditioning processes used on Caucasian hair will leave ethnic hair dry, brittle, and brassy. That is why it is so important to follow hair treatment instructions and products for your specific hair type. One such product is toner. Here is your how-to guide to using hair toner properly.

What does hair toner do?

51 Hair toner is a chemical process used in the sequence of coloring and conditioning hair as a final step. The purpose of toner is to act as a top coat for your hair, taming any brassiness, and unwanted tones while blending highlights to look more natural. Finishing your hair coloring treatment with toner also minimizes the look of roots giving them a more blended look as your hair grows out, and extending the amount of time you can go between treatments.

How to use toner

52 Toner should be the last product applied to your hair in the coloring and conditioning process. It will need to be applied to damp, but not dripping hair, from the roots out after all coloring and conditioners have been thoroughly rinsed out of the hair. Begin by sectioning hair with a rat tail comb working your way from the top of the head to the lower layers. Using a treatment application brush spread toner evenly over hair making sure to cover all colored or highlight treated hair. Set your timer for 7 to 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse out. You are now ready to dry and style your hair.

Keeping hair healthy

53With seasonal changes, environmental contaminants and effects, styling products, blow drying, flat irons, and curling irons, hair tends to become dull, dry and listless. You may notice these effects more during certain times per year. In order to maintain a healthy looking head of hair you should minimize the frequency in which you color, perm, or use chemical treatments on your hair. You should also periodically especially in dry climates or winter months apply a deep conditioning treatment to put moisture back into dry damaged hair. Remember to brush hair with a natural bristle hair brush that helps distribute natural oils from the scalp down the shaft of the hair increasing follicle strength as well as overall hair shine.

Coloring your hair is a fun way to switch up your look from time to time or give yourself a much needed boost when feeling down on yourself. However, coloring hair yourself can sometimes leave hair with unwanted brassy, yellowish, red, or ash tones, especially on ethnic hair. The best way to fight these undesired outcomes is to use a toner as a top coat for your hair. It will not only balance out your color, but it will help maintain your hair’s  health, and moisture balance after being exposed to harsh chemical, styling treatments, and environmental effects.