Get your Beyoncé on with these Hair Sectioning Tips

From Dorothy Hamel to Farrah Faucet and Beyoncé, women have been taking their hair style cues whether it’s the cut or the curl from celebrities and fashion runways for as far back as celebrities have existed.  Some styles are definitely easier to achieve and maintain than others. But, if it is the Beyoncé look you are striving for, here are some sectioning tips to get you started.


Step One

42 The first thing you want to do is comb your hair out nice and smooth. This will make the sectioning process much easier as there will be fewer tangles to contend with. You are then going to use your rat tail comb to separate the head of hair into three quadrants, starting at one ear draw a line across the crown of the head to the other ear. This will divide the head into two sections a top and a back. Leave the back for now. Part the top and twist the two sections into easy to pin out of the way quadrants. Then pin them out of your way until later.

Step Two

43 With the back section you are now going to split off mini-sections of hair about an inch wide working your way from one side of the head to the other. This makes hair more manageable and provides equal heat to each strand of hair as you use your curling iron to create the curl and lift you are looking for. You should be able to barely see your fingers through each of these mini-sections of hair as you flatten them with your hand. Due to the spherical shape of the head, these lower sections will have a somewhat triangle shape to them.

Step Three

44After you have finished creating your mini-sections and curling the lower quadrant of the head (note: this sectioning technique is also a great way to straighten curly hair), you will then move to one of the top of the head quadrants, sectioning it off into mini-sections and using the curling iron on each mini-sections as you section it off, just as you did with the back of the head quadrant. Repeat step three with the final quadrant. All that is left at this point are your finishing touches and blending of the quadrants for a professionally styled look.

Keep these instructions even if Beyoncé is not the look you are looking for, as this basic sectioning technique is the beginning step of many fashionable hairstyles. This type of sectioning can be used for the old stand-by of using hair curlers, as well as creating crown lift, or even adding a number of different kinds of braiding techniques.

Hairstyles will continue to come and go as influenced by celebrities and the fashion industry.  But no matter what the style or cut, you will always be able to create a stylish fashion statement as long as you know some basic universal styling techniques such as this sectioning process.