Get a glowing skin by dry brushing

Everyone knows that the brushing is done only for the hair and teeth but also that the brushing can be done for the skin too. Here the kirbi Johnson, a beauty reporter from the city of loss Angeles gets to know about the information regarding the dry brushing techniques and shared her experience. It is one of the traditional methods followed during the ancient period of time which is done before the bathing process. The reason why the dry brushing is done because it removes the unwanted dead cells and makes our body more smoothen.


Get to know some amazing benefits of dry brush

This type of treatment is usually done for dry skin by using long brush. It does not suit for all types of skin tones because it causes irritation and leads to many infection problems. So before taking this treatment one must analyze that whether this dry brushing will suit for their skin type. There are certain patterns to brush the skin and it is done before showering. The brushing starts from the starting of the feet and hand then brush towards the chest and heart. In addition to that this dry brushing treatment will make the body to look very slim and makes the body soft and smoother. Also the dry brushing can break up the fat under the skin to reduce the cellulite. The Reason why the cellulites are removed because it makes the skin tone of the body as uneven to look more and it usually appears on buttocks and thighs in the body. There are more amazing benefits by dry brushing like it maintains the blood circulation and it often cleans any pores in the skin. If the person is not active in any activities after taking this dry brushing treatment it changes the person an active one. Also that it removes the toxins which is the unwanted wastes from kidneys then cholesterols, from the muscle and thigh joints. If these wastes were not removed from our body then it will turn into toxins. It gives the more glow to the skin by increasing the skin tone and by gently stretching the tissues it helps to produce more fibers inside the skin.


Tips to maintain the skin tone

The plant bristle body brush is used for stimulating and peeling the body. Then for the dry skin always use the dry brush bristles in order to maintain the blood circulation in the body. Then while brushing blow the brush in the upward movement instead of moving the brush from fingers to toes try to brush back and forth of the body. Another important thing is that massage the body in a natural direction which is from left to right. It is strongly recommended that one should not use this dry brushing for the inflamed skin and for the cancer patients. Then the face should be cleaned properly before taking this treatment otherwise it leads to allergic problems. One must stop taking the dry brushing treatment if any irritation occurs.