Fun and Flirty Accessories

image1_compressedThe fashion industry of today is huge, to say the least. Fashion is an important part of life, although some people don’t care to believe it. There are ups and downs to fashion. It can cater to instant stereo typing, but it also can make someone feel better when they are down. Fashion can be a fun and beautiful thing if you use it to your advantage. It has many different facets and with the proper know how, it can lift your mood and give you the confidence you deserve. I can give you an example of fashion today but don’t forget we all come in different shapes and sizes and what might work on one person, may not work on another. The image2_compressedfashion choices in these examples may need to be tweaked for best results. With that being said today we are concentrating on how to accentuate these looks so let’s start talking about how to accessorize a fun and flirty look. Fashion is constantly changing but if you get some key accessories you can mix them up with so many looks and give the feel of a whole different outfit. It’s always nice to get professional fashion advice but having a friend’s opinion can also be helpful so take a fashion forward friend shopping with you whenever possible.

Today our model is wearing a fun and flirty look that we have put together. It’s great for a warm evening out and it’s really going to have you looking nice.  It’s also casual and should make you feel comfortable image3_compressedand stylish all at once. Now let’s just go over all the pieces of this look. Starting from the bottom, we have these great sandals. They really give this a light feeling. The white stands out against the dark dress and really highlights the look. These sandals are strappy and gorgeous, yet simple. They have a wedged heel which is great for comfort and super cute. These are versatile for tons of different looks and one of them is definitely this look. This dress works so well on our model. It’s high waisted and flows beautifully A dress like this can work on larger build body types as well. The above the knee length is perfect for showing off those legs and sandals. The same can be said for the dark color of the dress when it comes to being great on a bigger builds too. The dark color can hide away any imperfections and when paired with the right accessories it can really play those up too. Now let’s talk about spicing this up more if you have the feeling it’s still missing something. I have this bold and beautiful, chunky beaded necklace to accentuate the bateau neckline and I think this ties in perfectly. So we have our clothes, shoes, and jewelry covered. Let’s talk about this lovely handbag. It matches with the white sandals and really completes this outfit. This handbag is oversized and ready to hold all your essentials for this fun and flirty fashion choice. It’s simple, yet gives the look an elegant and fresh feel.  This outfit will be great for your next evening out.