Focus you with flawless look on camera with simple makeup tips

Makeup has been considered to be highly essential nowadays for women to provide a blemishing look. But some wear a heavy makeup that just hassles people or makes the visitor to just give over concentration on the makeup rather than the thought provoked by the person. You can exhibit yourself with a tingling fresh appearance and project you in a neat manner. When you prepare yourself for a camera, you need to concentrate on what the camera actually expects and not on the heavy bright colors that you wear on your face. A camera ready look naturally expects a good skin tone, shining and prominence look and if you are familiar with a few tips you could of course coax the camera.

Here we go with some remarkable tips to help you give a lucrative appearance on camera.

  • Take proper food with good sleep – Though simple this is a basic tip that is naturally needed and this bypasses all other makeup kits. Yes! Absolutely only when you have good food with enough hydration to the body and proper sleep, your face will suit any kind of makeup. It is essential that you get rid of stress and tiredness to make yourself fresh and blooming.
  • Keep your skin moisturized – Well! A good moisturized skin is the basement for any sort of makeup. Apply moisturizer and wait until it gets absorbed in the skin and then move on to a primer. It is necessary to use an eye shadow primer for best eye makeup.


  • img121Take care on foundation – Camera will sort out demarcations if you have patch makeup. Hence the texture that you take up in doing foundation is a pre-requisite to adopt a good makeup tone. SPF foundation will give a whitish look on camera and hence you need to blend the mix properly to have an even coating.
  • Check for shine in front of camera – High densities cameras when it flashes it will demand emphasize on shine and will embark an uneven finish. To avoid this, when you get ready for camera, keep a blotter. It is necessary to use light diffusing foundations and select natural shades to avoid an artificial touch
  • Try to present you with natural beauty – For face, use light shades to blemish your cheeks with soft fleshy tones. Eyes are the point of conversation and hence give more concentration to your eyes. Avoid non-shimmery shades to your eyes and select neutral shades to provide a natural attractive look to your eyes with soft pink, beige, peach or brown shades.

img124Avoid using dark colors for your lips as it will project you aged. Use light shades and see that pale lips will disappear in the camera and hence use lip liners of similar shades to have attractive lips.

  • Eye shading will focus your eyes – You need to focus your eyes with extra keenness and shade your eye shadow with a gentle suck. Try matte bronzer shading and allow liquid liners for focusing your top eyelid. Charcoal, soft black or brown shading will appear natural to your eyes.