image1Today we are going to reveal the secrets on how to find the perfect fitting bra from how to measure your bra size properly to how to try it on. Also most importantly we will talk about how to evaluate how your bra fits. The importance of bra fitting has been extensively mentioned in the media such as Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style on Bravo, What Not to Wear on TLC, The Oprah Winfrey Show and most recently on the How to Look Good Naked Show with Carson Kressley on Lifetime. All of those shows obviously emphasize the importance of wearing the right bra size and they are right. The right bra will definitely improve the way you look, improve your posture and definitely improve the way you look underneath your clothes. So let’s reveal those bra fitting secrets. You only need a fabric tape measure, a pen, and paper to write down your measurements.

image2So I’m about to tell you how to measure your cup size. Take your soft tape measure and measure around the fullest part of the body making sure that the soft tape measure doesn’t slide. Here our model measures a 38.  Now let me be honest with you, we think that measuring is a starting point but it is not a fool-proof method. What we recommend is that you try on as many bras as you can to really determine image3your exact bra size because your bra size can be affected by many different factors. You can gain or lose weight, you could be on the pill or other birth control and also age is another factor. So a bra size might change throughout your life therefore it’s important to be fitted once a year to determine if the size you’re currently wearing is still the right size for you. Your need for coverage or support might change throughout your life.

Now we will talk about how to try on bra properly. First you’re going to slide your arms into the shoulder straps. Then you’re going to clasp the band in the back. Make sure you clasp it on the first and most loose image4hook. The reason for that is because 6-8 months from now you want to make sure that you can tighten your bra a little further. Next you’ll need to adjust the strap on your shoulders so they are secure and tight but not too tight. The image5next thing we need to do which is import is that you actually bring the breast in the bra cup. Use your hands to adjust and pull them up on each side.

Now we are ready to evaluate how your bra fits. There are four different factors affecting the fit. The first one is the band, and then you have the cup, then the straps, and how it looks underneath your clothing. If you see your band is loose and riding up in the back it’s time to move to a smaller sized band. Your band should be parallel to the floor in the back. Then if the band is too tight you will notice it seems to be cutting into your skin. It can make any fat on your back pronounced and show through a shirt. Now if your cups are wrinkling you need a smaller sized cup, then on the other hand if your cup-size it too small your breasts will seem to be busting out of your bra and the underwire will poke you on your sides. Check the middle of your bra; it should be lying flat on your breast bone. If a finger can be inserted it means it does not fit and you need to increase your cup size. The last step is to discuss how your bra fits underneath your clothing. To learn more about this refer to the last video in our series on how to find the perfectly fitting bra.