Dressing for an Event

image1Today I am going to show you how to dress for an event. Let’s start with a day time work event and I’m here with our lovely model Jen to show you a great example of how to dress for an event. Let’s get started. When you’re dressing for a daytime work event you can keep it casual. Here we have Jen in a nice crisp white sweater with a white t-shirt. Jen is also wearing a pair of jeans which always works as long as there are no holes in them. Make sure the jeans are a classic fit. You don’t want to wear anything too tight. You could also wear a different type of slack preferably something that’s still image2casual that you can sit comfortably in at a work picnic or a work baseball or softball game. The most important thing is your shoe. You really want to make sure you’re not wearing a high heel for a work event. Wearing a high heel for a work event would be too dressy and also uncomfortable for a daytime event. Stay casual; you might add a piece of jewelry like this beautiful gold necklace Jen is wearing here to really finish of the outfit.

Now if your work event is in the evening then I’ll show you how to dress for that too. Jen is wearing a flowy, high necked, red blouse with a pair of dressy black, vertical, pinstriped, slacks with just a bit of detail from the pin stripe. Jen is also wear a pair of black shoes that are a little bit dressy with patented image3leather sheen. She is also wearing a beautiful enamel bracelet with a nice clutch purse that accents the whole outfit. This look is just one idea when it comes to dressing for an evening work event. When dressing for an evening work event you could also wear a skirt of a casual dress instead but the pant outfit is certainly dressy enough for an evening work event and will make it comfortable for Jen to meet, greet, and talk with people during the work event for the whole night.

image4Now let’s talk about how to dress for a daytime wedding event. Today we have Jen wearing a beautiful red jacket that is very trench coat like. This is perfect for a spring wedding as a topper for the dress which adds a little bit of warmth but it also accents the dress. You’ll notice that the jacket hits just above where the dress ends and this is a perfect length for a daytime wedding overcoat. Now let’s take a look under this lovely coat and see the dress Jen is wearing. Jens dress is wearing a short sleeved, black aimage5nd white, abstract floral print made from a cotton Lycra blend. The fabric and the print of this dress really make it appropriate for daytime so it’s perfect for a daytime wedding. It’s a light, less dressy, cotton fabric and the pattern has just a hint of black in it. If the whole dress were black it would not be appropriate for daytime wear but because of the pattern it works for this purpose. Jen is also wearing a black enamel bracelet to dress up the outfit a little and she’s wearing a peep toe heel as well. This shoe is less dressy because it’s a leather shoe which doesn’t have any patent leather or anything shiny too it. Now you know how to dress for a daytime work event, a nighttime work event, and a daytime wedding. For more help on dressing for different events, watch the rest of the videos in this series.