Don’t Forget Your Tanning Lotion

image1Today we are here to talk to you about how to get a great tan indoors. Let’s discuss the importance of using tanning lotion. Without the use of tanning lotion you do lose some of your tan time. Dry skin reflects the UV light. You can lose up to 50% of your tanning session if you don’t lather up before getting in the tanning bed. There are quite a few different types of tanning lotions; they are accelerators, bronzers, and tingles. You want to make sure you apply the different types of tanning lotions in the correct order to prevent from hitting your tanning wall.

image2You always want to start with your accelerator. From the accelerator you should be moving to a bronzer and from the bronzer you’ll want to move to a tingle. Each lotion type does something different. You always want to start with an accelerator because it does not contain any bronzers and it has all the important ingredients that will help nourish your skin and maintain its moisture. Then from the accelerator you’ll want to move to the bronzer. You’ll know once it’s time for you to move once you’ve hit your tanning plateau or tanning wall. You can tell you’ve hit the wall when you tan and tan and you feel that you are not getting any darker.  The reason you need to move to the bronzers at this point is image3because the bronzers have added ingredients in them which will make your melanin naturally change color and also bronzers will add color to your skin. You don’t want to start using a bronzer when you first start tanning due to the fact that you don’t have a tan base so the bronzers can make you look a little orange so they should be the second step.

image4From the bronzer you’ll want to move to a tingle. You want to be careful when you move to a tingle lotion that you understand what a tingle lotion is going to do. A tingle lotion is going to bring the oxygen up to the surface of your skin to help oxidize your skin cells which helps them tan faster, hold their color longer and tan darker.  A tingle lotion is going to make your skin a little red and it’s going to feel itchy. The itchy redness can last 2 to 3 hours after your tanning session. You do not want to jump in the shower immediately after using a tingle image5tanning lotion because it will reactivate the tingle. When you’re using a tingle tanning lotion you want to make sure you do start off with one of the lower forms of tingle and then you can move yourself up. If you have used a tingle and now you are at a tanning wall you can also jump back down to a bronzer or you can jump down to an accelerator because it’s just like with anything, your body will get used to it and you’ll need to switch up. When applying your tanning lotion you want to make sure you apply it at least 10 to 15 minutes before your tanning session. That way it allows it time to absorb into the skin and moisturize it. Also when you are applying your tanning lotion make sure to rub it in evenly. If you don’t rub it on evenly you will cause yourself to streak with a bronzer or a tingle. That’s the importance of wearing tanning lotion, now you’re armed with the right knowledge for your next tan.