Does the demand of denim shorts were increasing day by day

One of the greatest advantages of introducing these types of distress denim shorts was that the cost of the clothes can be reduced. The distress denim shorts were mostly used in summer seasons where it reduces sweating and other irritation problems but it leads to leg tanning problems. As this type of shorts need only old clothes .It is low expensive when compared to other type of shorts. For making the distress denim shorts the ordinary jeans were required which converts them in to a masterpiece. Moreover that the distress denim were becoming more popular the demand of this product is increased day to day.


Steps to be followed for making the distressed denim short

First choose the jean which is free from any stain problems and it should be flexible for cutting .The jean should not have any damage or repair and it has the advantage that it does not show that damage because it is already toured from the old cloth. Then after that the designer want to decide the length of the jean by using marker and then choose the length of the jean .after choosing the length then mark the jean by using the markers or any color chalks. After marking the length, cut the line of the marked area in the jean. Then check whether the marked line have equal space on the leg and the sides. Then fold the jean to have a straight cut so that the cutting of the other leg can be made.


The next step is the cutting the fabric here designer needs to cut the jeans on the line which they marked. For cutting use high quality scissors because the low quality scissors will make the cutting uneven. Then in order to get a hem on the jean use the appropriate needle. The importance of the damage is reduced when the user needs a cuff designing. After all steps got over then the shorts is allowed for the customization process. In the customize process bleaching and dying process is done in order to change the color and model of the shorts. One important thing to be considered before the bleaching is that it should be applied only at the top and bottom of the shorts. Then painting can be done if the user does not wish to use the shorts in future. The designer can apply the skills in designing the shorts and then make the shorts more attractive. Then to make the shorts more elegant stitch the fabric designs in the shorts near the packets. The designers were advised to use the cotton prints so that it will gives a special appearance. If the user wish to have a feminine and sexy look then lace can be added over the shorts and to have a different looks the lace can be placed anywhere on the shorts. If one wants to adjust the size of the shorts the slide set can be placed so that the size can be adjusted to the maximum and minimum level.