DIY Home Facial

image1Today we are going to talk about how to do an at-home facial. The first things that we are going to need are our cleansers, exfoliates, our masks, our eye makeup remover if any eye makeup is being worn, our toner, our moisturizer, and our sunscreen. What you will need to do first is sanitize your hands. If you’re at home washing your face, then just washing your hands will do the trick. Next you need to secure the hair back with a head band or hair elastic. You can do this to yourself or your friend if you’re giving them a facial. Now let’s grab the appropriate cleanser and put about a dime sized amount onto your fingertips. This does depend on the product you’re using so read the directions for the exact amount needed. Lather this up in image2your hands and dip into the water. Now apply onto the skin making sure to include the neck. You can do circular motions but at our skincare center we rub it into the skin to make sure we are breaking up and removing any excess bacteria and oils. Make sure you get all the areas like the chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead. When you’re doing this at home you can actually just use both hands on one cheek making small circles. Don’t be shy and make sure you’ve done this very well.

Now let’s remove the cleanser. If you’re at home you can actually just wash the cleanser off with warm water but if you have facial sponges they could be a little bit more effective because they create an exfoliating action and that helps remove it much easier. Just remember these sponges can harbor bacteria so if you’re not cleansing and sterilizing them then they might do more harm than good. image3Drain the sponges of excess water then rub them in all areas making sure not to leave the film of the cleanser on the skin because it will dry out the skin. Wipe in different directions, flipping them over and folding them to reach smaller areas such as above the upper lip etc. Rinse them in the water; filling them up then squeezing them out again a few times to remove the cleanser from the sponges. Drain them a final time and continue to remove timage4he cleanser from the skin. Once the cleanser is removed we can move onto exfoliating.

To exfoliate, you can select something that contains enzymes which are best to use because they only dissolve the upper and dead skin layers. You could also use something like alphahydroxy but you’d have to leave that to a skin care therapist. So we are using an acute enzyme peel and we will put just a bit into our fingertips. With our product we use a dime size amount but make sure you read the directions on your product. You can use your fingers or a brush to apply it. Dab, and wipe it onto the skin. If you’re using a brush; dip that into the product and just paint it onto the skin making sure to get all areas. To continue with these instructions just keep watching these videos in sequence and you’ll know how to do a great job on a facial at home.