Choosing the Best Make-up Pallet for your Skin Type

As you walk down the cosmetic aisle it is easy to get lost in all of the pretty colors and fancy claims; leaving you dizzy with questions and confusion. To help you avoid this disorientation here are some suggestions as to choosing the right formula and color for you.

11 Picking the Right Make-up and Shades for your Skin Tone

First you need to understand what your skin type and pigmentation category are. Skin types range widely from overly greasy to supremely dry. Applying make-up will exaggerate the problems if the wrong formula is used. For example, if you have excessively dry skin, avoid make-ups that contain skin drying agents such as alcohol. Also, stick to products that contain more natural moisturizers and less greasy ingredients. This should be the case for most skin types as the idea is for moisture to be absorbed into the skin and not sit on top like a mask.

Once you understand your skin type better, you can narrow down the product selection when you start looking at your color choices, by only looking at products that will work well with your skin type.

12 Foundations

Choosing a foundation color can be the most difficult task of all, since skin tones vary so widely, especially in tropical climates or during summer seasonal changes. The best way to choose your foundation is by testing it. Before you apply a test sample, hold your hand up next to your face in front of a mirror. Does the back of your hand match your face’s skin color? You may need to use the underside of your wrist for a closer match. Find an area that matches your faces skin color as closely as possible and then use that as your test area. Just dab a small amount on and rub it in. If there is more than a half a shade difference between the test area and your skin you need to keep looking.

13 Eye Shadows

Eye shadows are fun to play with and create unique looks. The right color eye shadow will enhance your eye color, or the shape of your eye and brow line when applied correctly. The wrong color with do the exact opposite; sitting like paint on a canvas. The idea is to choose a color that provides a blended, natural look. Yes, even with bright colors. There are plenty of bright colors in nature that don’t look over done. Take a hint from natures color pallet and mix and match accordingly making sure to include your skin, hair, and eye color into your pallet.

14 Eyeliners

The problem with eyeliners is they are difficult to apply; they clump in the lash line or bleed out past the corner of the eye and smear. Pencils are one way around this, but they can sometimes be clumpy and not go on smoothly. For a better self-application process try Eye-liner gel with a flat brush. Using a stencil stippling technique to apply it making sure your lines overlap in order to create a smooth lash line.


Lipstick is a fun way to highlight your lips as a focal point. The trick is to choose shades that accentuate. Avoid colors that might make you look pale or that could possibly make your teeth look yellow. Select shades that pick up those healthy skin undertones, i.e. if you have pink undertones, or yellow undertones. For instance deep reds on pale white skin will create a ghostly appearance, as pink shades with yellow undertone skin create a jaundice look.