Aging Makeup Mistakes

image1Hey ladies, I am here to talk to you about something that is important when it comes to wearing makeup. Some might consider it taboo to talk about how the way you do your makeup can actually age you but it needs to be spoken about so we are going to be honest and talk about it here today. In a recent pole, more than 30 percent of respondents said they hadn’t changed a thing about their beauty routine in over 10 years. This is a bit scary because in the meantime trends evolve, colors go in and out of style, and the products and application techniques that flatter young firm image2skin do us no favor as we age. Then of course many of us just aren’t sure how to minimise fine lines, dark circles and other signs of ageing, in a way that is fresh and flattering. Well now I’m going to tell you about the most common makeup missteps women make and the secrets and new products that will be sure to get you back on track to a better makeup routine.

So here we go; mishap number one which is the foundation foul-up. When you get to the age where fine lines settle in and sun spots multiply, many women reach for foundation to save them. Unfortunately instead of hiding imperfections, the more is better strategy, brings attention to them instead. Excess product has nowhere to go but to image3settle into creases, which exaggerates wrinkles and thick layers piled on top of each other creates a dated mask-like complexion. For smooth flawless looking skin, choose a lightweight, liquid foundation instead of a powder. Look for an easy absorbing fluid formula as seen right here on our model. Squeeze a nickel sized amount on your palm and rub it in like you would a moisturizer. Applying it with your fingers instead of brush eliminates the chance of product overload.

image4Next let’s talk about mishap number two, metallic lids. When eyelids become less taught which is usually around age 40, it’s time to graduate from the glitter. Shimmer shadows settle into crinkles which magnifies the small wrinkles in the lids. Matte shadows on the other hand are actually quite flattering. Topes, lavenders, soft peaches and greys, they all work really well on skin tones like you see here on our model.

The third mistake is putting on the wrong color lip stick, the vampire red ones. It’s an age old fact that a  dark color, whether it’s on your floor, your wall, or even your lips, makes any surface area look much smaller than it is. Because lips naturally loose fullness over time, the last thing we want to do is shrink them. For lips that look full and youthful, choose a coral, rose or pink lipstick or a gloss with a shiny finish like you can see here on our model. Be sure to avoid these easy to make makeup mistakes that age you further then you are and always look your best.