Accessorizing your Business Casual Ensemble

image1_compressedFrom the moment we are born into the world, we are subjected to fashion. We see it every day, everywhere we look from magazines to real life, and the way a person dresses can say a lot about them. That applies in the workforce as well. If you’re working in a professional environment then once again fashion comes into play. If you aren’t dressed professionally then you might not keep your job. Looking the part is important. If you’re lucky then you have days where you can dress business casual and you can stretch the boundaries of the business look and add some of your own pizazz into your attire. Today we get to elaborate on the business casual look and how to accessorize it appropriately. You can move from a busy workday to a casual afternoon with ease wearing the look I have our model in today.

image2_compressedMost dress codes can be a little boring but with this outfit you’ll be wide awake when you see yourself in the mirror. Although we have some simple pieces, we have accessorized them perfectly for this business casual ensemble. The fun part about accessories is that the possibilities are vast. You can do so much with some tweaks here and there. With this outfit we broke out the stiletto heels with an open toe. These heels are sassy and really make this look gorgeous. They are dark but they have a snippet of red on the toe and it really pops and demands attention. You can use these in an evening look with some different accessories, but they blend seamlessly into the casual end of the business casual look as well. These shoes really have an effect on this look. They aren’t too flashy but they still make a statement and that’s image3_compressedexactly what we want them to do here. Moving on I’ll just talk about this pin striped pencil skirt I have on our model. Its navy and it goes well with the shoes. The high waist is perfect to accessorize too but we will get to that in a moment. Our model is wearing a white blouse with a pin stripe effect that lengthens her body and ties into the lengthening theme.  This outfit really comes together in the right way. Now let’s talk about the rest of the accessories. I added in this long black necklace that looks like it’s made from small and larger pearls. Pearls are known for their elegance so this looks lovely for the business purpose. It’s a simple piece but stands out against the white blouse and also goes with these black bangles. They are glossy and fun and help to set the look. They are a solid color; you don’t want any crazy patterns here in this case. Keep it professional and match it with the other main color you’re using in any recreation of this look. I’ve also given our model a lovely oversized black leather clutch to add to this business look. I love how soft it is yet it has one shiny square black accent on the front.  So let’s talk about accentuating that waist with style. I have our model wearing a black, braided leather, waist belt that really has her looking chic. Always use a wide belt when you do this type of outfit with a high waist. Once you have all these accessorized areas covered this business casual look is complete and ready to be tried out in the office.