Accessorize your Evening Look

image1_compressedI’m excited to talk about accessorizing an evening look today. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to choosing the pieces for an evening outfit. You can really let your mind free and use some of those items that you can’t pull off at work. Your clothing can tell a story about how you want to be perceived. It may be read differently by each person but the way you feel in it is what matters most. Maybe you have a loud but fabulous dress to wear but not all of us are brave enough for that. Instead we tone it down with a simple ensemble and add on our small and wonderful accessories that still give off a lovely appeal. You can do this with some great necklaces, shoes and bags. You can add scarves or earrings and even hairstyles and makeup. We are going to talk about adding in those bold accessories and turning a work look into a gorgeous evening look successfully.


As mentioned before, an evening look has endless possibilities and I’m only showing you one of those possibilities here today. This look can be mixed up a bit with your favorite pieces as long as you stick to the guidelines of the outfit. Wear this to work and pair it with a solid shoe and a blazer and bring your alternate shoe choice with some nice jewelry and switch when you’re off the clock. You could go with a bold neckline and a print bag or have some exciting print shoes like these ones. These pumps are a statement piece to say the least and will draw attention from most shoe lovers. Since we went with the bold shoes today, it’s best to stick to a quieter clothing choice so there’s not too much going on. I’ve put our model in a pretty but simple and work appropriate skirt and blouse. We have her in a high waisted, navy pencil skirt that fits perfectly. Fitting is very important image3_compressedwith your clothing. I also have a bright white blouse on her that works nicely with the skirt. It highlights the top of her figure and the skirt fits well so although it’s dark and tones down her mid and lower body it shows off her physique as well. This choice of clothing is great for the office but pair it with those loud and proud pumps and you’re ready to go off into the night. Hold on though, because this is an evening look we can also add in an oversized necklace. The necklace I’ve chosen really pops against this white blouse and adds more drama to the look. The matte shine rocks open up a new range to match in the dark and shiny area so I went ahead and added an oversized patent leather clutch to the mix that continues the drama. This look is still missing one thing though so I have a beautiful wide waist belt too. Its solid black and really adds into the dramatic evening look. That’s it for this option; I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about accessorizing your evening outfit.